About Peach Pixie

Peach Pixie Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated company born out of a passion for creativity and design, and a need for practicality (aka parenthood!).

As I carefully crafted the nursery of my first-born baby girl, I realized that the one baby product I could not find was a wet wipes dispenser for diaper changes that went with the décor. 

Once we got to the toddler and potty-training phases, I found I still needed wipes, but now I also needed them in bathrooms, in my car, and even in the kitchen. So, I decided it was time to design my own dispensers.

From a young age, I enjoyed starting my own "companies" with my brothers to sell our art, lemonade--you name it! Now, it's Peach Pixie.

Peach Pixie and many of our designs are inspired by my three kiddos, my cats, my love for anything whimsical, and all of the special places in our hearts, especially the Okanagan region of Canada. Truly a magical place! 

Now that we have our third baby, I finally have the wipes dispenser I always wanted in her nursery and you can have one too! 

I hope you love your Peach Pixie box! Thanks for being here!



Founder & President, Peach Pixie Inc.



We are pleased to be partnered with Mamas for Mamas at Peach Pixie. This means that $1 from every wipes dispenser sold will be donated to Mamas for Mamas, a specialized poverty relief agency and an all inclusive community for mothers and caregivers, to help with various initiatives across Canada.

More information about the Mamas for Mamas organization can be found here.

Mom bending down to hug daughter with mamas for mamas logo on top of image